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    Hi. I just bought this BluHD phone (it was on a great price). But, I am afraid, I will have to return it for the reasons I describe below. Fist, I should say that some short time back I got my first windows tablet and I kind of liked it. That's why I was quick to get that phone.

    First, on my desktops/laptops I have been using both Windows (or DOS, years ago) and Linux. On tabIets/phones, I have not been impressed with Android, that's why I wanted to try windows (I keep my distance from 'fruity' products). However, I have been hugely disappointed with the windows phone (this is not a critique of the phone itself, which seems to be ok for the money I spent on it).
    Second, I am not so much fond of the interconnected, cloud world. Do not get me wrong. I have my own 'cloud' on my 24/7 computer at home were I run services from ssh, web server to asterisk. I just do not want my services to be somewhere that I do not have the control. This is especially true for contacts where I may not want to have some of them listed anywhere outside of my phone. No, they are not what you think they are, but, whatever... I want to use this phone just as a phone, and from time to time, if I am away from my computer and on a wifi area, to check my email, if I want to. On the other hand, I do not mind it for some pictures or some documents, but still, I would prefer if I have the choice whether I want to sync them or not. So, here we go:

    The points that made me to decide to return it:
    1) no way to import contacts from a file (csv or whatever). This may not be so critical, as I can import them from the SIM card, but
    2) no way to export contacts to a file. How can I extract them if I want to change phone in the future? I do not want to post them in the web.
    3) I tried opening the calendar app and it asked me to login to my outlook account first. WTF, why do I have to login to my web account, if I only want to make a note on my telephone calendar and NOT want it to be copied elsewhere else?
    4) No file explorer. I would like to have a file copied from my computer to my phone for some reference. Again, I do not want this to be sync'ed to the cloud. I may not be connected all the time. At least my windows tablet does not have this limitation.
    5) I am afraid, I will find more similar issues in the future, and I do not want to waste more time with it. And, until, Microsoft changes its mind, I will keep away from these telephones. (BTW, when I first heard, years ago, that that other company, the fruity one, forced the user to use the cloud as intermediary to transfer a file from one device to another, I could not believe my ears. I thanked my luck that kept me away from them).

    Now, having said all the above, I could reconsider, if there are some solutions or tricks to circumvent the above shortcomings. I really want to keep the phone. So, any suggestions?
    12-19-2014 04:00 PM

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