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    When I add a line I get this as my bill...

    Now, is this going to be a separate bill from my current phone/bill or is this my new monthly bill for two phones?

    EDIT: This is going through AT&T Premier.

    Oh and I know this should be an obvious answer. Except the price of the bill seems too much for one phone (shared). Also, there are two data charges that is confusing as well.
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    How many phones are you using on the shared plan, just the two?
    11-08-2012 07:17 AM
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    Yes, mine and the one in the pic.

    Ok, I think I did this wrong, that's why I'm confused. I picked the option to add a line to my current phone. When I was choosing the data plan for the new line (pic above) I picked the data share option. Now what is confusing is that I'm thinking the data share on the new line is for my current and new line. Which is probably not true? If the price above is for my current phone and this new line, great. If not why is it so much and two data plans on one line? ... I don't want to call AT&T either.

    My dilemma is this. I want the new 920 but I am not eligible for an upgrade. What is the cheapest way to do this? Keep in mind an extra line would get used by a family member, so im not just opening a line for the 920. Thanks for any feed back.
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