1. belgiantrotter's Avatar
    hi all,
    I've been reading this website for a while and now I have something I tought I would share with you all :)

    I was thinking of upgrading my phone for a while now
    I live in Canada and I have a Rogers plan which is pretty full package... I have a data plan CA & US because I spend a lot of time in US for business.

    I called Rogers today to upgrade to the Nokia Lumia 920 from an Iphone 4
    the guy on the phone told me that they could not upgrade me to another phone without changing my current plan because they stopped offering US & CA Data plans.. (not profitable for them or something... btw I pay these guys on avg. $300/month for 2 phone numbers!!!)

    that's just nuts!!! basically the guy told me that rogers offers not a single plan anymore with data for US & CA... I'm dumbstruck by this! I come from Europe and there I had a plan for Europe wide data...
    and I thought North America was ahead of Europe for such things... boy was I wrong apparently...

    OK and then lastly if I pay the phone full price I can keep my current plan. which was fine.
    next I wanted to order it and that was not possible, i need to go to a shop for buying a full priced phone.
    I've already called 2 shops now around the city and none are offering a lumia 920 in red...
    02-01-2013 09:04 PM
  2. ololmarc's Avatar
    you need to contact rogers corporate stores if u want to buy it outright. dealer stores won't let you do that.
    02-03-2013 01:27 PM
  3. bilzkh's Avatar
    bienvenue ROBELUS
    02-05-2013 10:27 AM

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