1. inteller's Avatar
    Some of the most refreshing dialog I heard at the Nokia event was not the 1020 announcement, but Forbes journalist and CIO Joan Lappin got a stage no one else had thus far and called out ATT as a dreadful partner (and this really is being gracious). ATT has never had Nokia's best interests in mind, issuing updates when they want or don't want, employing crippling modifications to the phones (internet sharing) and of course to Joan's point, employing idiots who know nothing about the phones, don't WANT to know anything about the phones, and would rather sell you an android or iphone because that's the easy lazy way out.

    She basically encapsulated in one statement what the Internet has been saying for a while, and I find it pretty creepy that it has taken us this long to get a pointed question asked on this topic, whether Elop spun it or not simply doesn't matter, the facts are still out there...and NO it isn't Nokias responsibility to fix bad partner behavior.

    Take this conversely with Microsoft stores who are estatic to sell Windows Phones. Nokia doesn't have to do any education there, because they have a willing partner sales force.

    You can't fix zealots and Nokia needs to learn this wisely by setting up a strong distribution of UNLOCKED, UNBRANDED Lumias at ALL Microsoft stores.
    07-12-2013 08:48 AM
  2. stmav's Avatar
    I'm sure many journalists hesitate so that they don't lose sources. You see it a lot with sports writers. They will gloss over a team's faults or back any decision by management to keep people talking to them. If the regular guy had access to a forum such as a live Q and A on a broadcast feed, I'd bet you'd see a lot of it.
    07-12-2013 09:20 AM
  3. inteller's Avatar
    If it is the truth then cutting off a journalist for calling out the truth is even more petty.
    07-12-2013 12:55 PM
  4. theefman's Avatar
    Seeing the horror people are expressing at the $299 contract price for the L1020 I doubt selling unlocked phones at their undoubtedly higher price is going to do Nokia any favours.
    07-12-2013 02:37 PM
  5. JerseySal's Avatar
    Why does it take a CIO and well to do "journalist" to call out ATT as a dreadful partner

    07-12-2013 02:40 PM
  6. inteller's Avatar
    GTFO, Joan has been a published journalist on Forbes for quite some time and has more balls than most of the AT & teet suckers in that room.
    07-12-2013 04:12 PM
  7. JerseySal's Avatar
    Settle down. It's not serious. Don't get emotionally attached to "journalists."
    07-15-2013 07:55 PM
  8. Musicman247's Avatar
    Take this conversely with Microsoft stores who are estatic to sell Windows Phones. Nokia doesn't have to do any education there, because they have a willing partner sales force.
    Unfortunately with the 925 we're seeing the same thing with the MS Store. Employees have never heard of the device. Granted I'm betting it's T-Mobile's fault that they are not getting any information, but it's not making them look any better than AT&T or T-Mobile Reps.
    07-16-2013 06:36 PM

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