1. HeyCori's Avatar
    Am I the only one that thinks their recent redesigns are annoying?
    08-28-2013 02:09 PM
  2. palandri's Avatar
    What do you find annoying about them?
    08-28-2013 07:01 PM
  3. HeyCori's Avatar
    So I'm trying to decide if I should renew my contract with AT&T when I get my girl the Lumia 1020. The other option is to pay the ETF on my 920 and switch networks. I head to Sprint's site first because they have decent coverage around here. I click on Shop > Plans so I can compare prices. Their "Plans" page is filled with banner ads trying to convince me how awesome Sprint is, but I really just want to see the numbers and they're nowhere to be found. Turns out you can't get to their real Plans page until you add a device to your cart. All that work for something I haven't even agreed to buy yet. Then I check out T-Mobile and they've gone the biiiig buttons route. It's kind of silly looking at their gigantic buttons and misaligned boxes. But what was really annoying is when I tried to find the nitty gritty of their plan details. It's like T-Mobile hid them on purpose. It's a good thing I'm already well versed on this stuff. I could see how new customers would be put off.
    08-29-2013 09:14 AM
  4. mrmdj31675's Avatar
    08-29-2013 11:41 PM
  5. HeyCori's Avatar
    Thanks but I've been to that page before. I just wish it wasn't littered with banner ads. It seems like they could use their plans page for so much more useful information.
    08-30-2013 09:28 AM
  6. mrmdj31675's Avatar
    It's not much different for any other major carrier. Yes, it can be annoying or perhaps distracting at times.
    08-30-2013 10:47 AM

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