1. Strings78's Avatar
    Assuming that the Nokia purchase goes through, what are the odds that Sprint will be receiving one of their newly minted Microsoft/Nokia phones sometime in the next year or so?
    09-12-2013 07:24 PM
  2. Jazmac's Avatar
    Man I hope not. JK. I suspect the answer is multifaceted. What I suspect Microsoft wants to do is what it has always done and that is to build quality products for the masses. What sprint had done is create ill will towards Microsoft and specifically, Windows Phone. If the two companies can agree, I'm sure Microsoft would have no problem moving product through sprint. Many on sprint want these phones, if only sprint would respect its customer base.
    09-12-2013 09:30 PM
  3. inteller's Avatar
    Sprint is in bed with HTC and Samsung. I don't see any changes until one of them goes away (HTC)
    09-14-2013 07:45 AM
  4. gsquared's Avatar
    They will make devices for Sprint if they show interest. That's what I like about both MSFT and Nokia. They have no silly ego's to hold them back. If it will make some profit they will make it.
    09-14-2013 08:08 AM
  5. cheesemoo's Avatar
    This was one of the first things I thought about after hearing the news. Have ATT at work but still have my personal phone with sprint.
    09-20-2013 11:45 PM
  6. HeyCori's Avatar
    I don't think MS/Nokia was ever against making phones for Sprint. I think Sprint is just against carrying Windows Phone.
    09-21-2013 07:07 AM
  7. a5cent's Avatar
    ^ Bingo. Nokia and Sprint were in talks, but Nokia walked away because Sprint wouldn't agree to undertake even the most minimal promotional efforts.
    09-21-2013 07:26 AM
  8. millercrew5's Avatar
    I love Sprint unlimited but I couldn't bear not having a decent choice of windows phones! I hope Sprint will sell the Microsoft/Nokia phones in the future.
    09-23-2013 05:52 PM

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