1. DaveSC's Avatar
    We have roughly 80 phones with AT&T via a local reseller. We do like supporting our local businesses.

    The problem that we have on windows phone is that there is no way feasible to obtain data utilization statistics until it's too late at the end of the month. This is because AT&T removes Data Sense directing end users to their My AT&T app which is completely useless for customers under a reseller. Resold customers do not have a username and password for My AT&T.

    Very Frustrated with this situation...
    10-30-2013 11:21 AM
  2. montsa007's Avatar
    10-30-2013 11:43 AM
  3. DaveSC's Avatar
    I have been kicking this one around but I am not sure how comfortable I am with running a dev rom on 80 company phones.
    10-30-2013 11:59 AM
  4. inteller's Avatar
    should have got the phones from a reseller with no data caps/overages then it wouldn't matter.
    10-31-2013 07:45 AM

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