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    I have written in a few places I am up in the air about the 1520. I usually take my business up the road to Champaign IL, simply because that store is so much larger and the Windows Phones always have a "corner" with working units. For instance, my Wife and I spent 2 hours in there one Wednesday playing with the Samsung Focus S, HTC Titan 1, and even the Samsung Focus Flash. When I wanted to see the L920 and HTC 8X, they had them. (No L820, though.) Same for the L1020.

    The only WP I have EVER seen in my Danville, IL AT&T store was the L1020. Way back in mid 2011 when I first wanted to look at WP, they found an old LG Quantum they were unsure of even how to scroll on. Even though several of them were there learning with me and I actually enjoyed it, it just rubbed me the wrong way they were not even remotely trained on their own products. I just do not waste time there.

    However, yesterday I was kicking around, had done nothing but work, and wanted to do something fun. So, on a whim, I rolled into Danville's store, and found the manager. I asked him if they had any L1520's handy. He admitted he had one, under lock and key, and was not supposed to pull it out. After getting him to laugh about this (I still have no idea why- it was released the Friday before), he got his sales rep to pull it out for me.

    The impression I got was that both the manager and the sales rep had played with WP8 and had given ernest attempts to see the upside of WP. I had a good conversation with them, and while it was obvious they were still new to the OS, it was also obvious this was a different attitude then what I experienced before.

    The manager, Bless His Soul, was trying to find the words for "They just don't sell well here in Danville" without offending me. After a few seconds of him kinda kicking around the phrases in his head, I volunteered "WP is still building an audience, huh?" That made him laugh, and he asked if he could use that.

    I will take actual effort, good humor, a professional attitude, and a little bit of a learning curve to no interest and no knowledge anyday of the week. I Still intend to take my business to the AT&T in the larger city where the chance of a better group of my preferred devices are, but I was happy with the improved experince in my local AT&T store.
    11-26-2013 08:44 PM
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    Perhaps it's Nokia's or Microsoft's fault for not providing any training to the store reps. I'd imagine that Samsung and Apple send reps to AT&T to train the store reps.
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    11-26-2013 08:48 PM
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    Heh... I'll never forget how last November, I was at the mall with my best friend and we stopped off at the AT&T store there to check out the WPs. There was a guy there who was interested in buying the Lumia 820 and when the sales rep who was helping him couldn't answer his questions, I stepped up and did so myself. He then decided to get the phone and even came back to ask me another question before paying for it. It's really a shame that the reps aren't educated about the OS because it's truly the best, IMO.
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    11-26-2013 11:17 PM

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