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    I just wanted to see how its going in everyone's city! I went for a JUMP upgrade today and from being in the Mall from 9am - 12pm, I've seen at least 3 families and 2 individuals making the switch from another carrier. I had problems pulling up info on my account, so I was at the kiosk on opening hour (9am) and there were already 3 people lines up, I overheard two looking for a Family ETF switch and one individual looking at options to switch. I really think is the future, and even got to see a family of 3 take a breakup letter.

    One year ago (not to sound clich) Tmobiles coverage in my area was spotty with no plans for 4GLTE. They told me to wait, that it will get better but I've heard that before. Now today, I have a HTC 8X, and a L810 with good service (9down, 3up) and a L925 with 31down, and 14up at the time of writing this and I'm on two bars! I can't believe how far Tmobile came once a whack job took charge!
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    01-12-2014 12:46 AM
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    I can't believe how far Tmobile came once a whack job took charge!
    I Laughed out loudly at this
    Crazy honesty goes a long way ... I like the direction T-Mobile is going.
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    01-12-2014 12:53 AM
  3. unstoppablekem's Avatar
    Yeah, I used to HATE T-Mobile and love AT&T, now I really want to switch!
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    01-12-2014 01:11 AM
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    At the mall again today and saw that both Kiosk put up a little white board with a counter of switches and one of the Kiosk close to Verizon and Sprint had 12 switched and the other close to AT&T had 19. Amazing, and I actually overheard one of the reps in the kiosk telling a customer that he should go with a 925 and not a Note 3!
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    01-21-2014 05:59 PM

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