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    I had been hearing about these great deals that AT&T had been giving out. I waited (my mistake) a month or so to see if they would be passing it on to current customers. My bill went from 214$ to 221$ and I decided I would call them and see what the deal was and why the lower prices were not being passed on.

    I was real nice and I dialed the customer support number and very nicely asked how much it would cost me to buy out my contract which still has 13 months on it. The guy was quick to reply and asked why would I want to do that. I (he was very nice) told him I was a bit upset that AT&T was offering all these reduced plans and yet had not offered one to me (I have been a customer for about 8 years). I also told him that my bill had gone up instead of down. He said hold on and when he came back he told me to only pay 144$ and my monthly bill would be that from now on. (Unlimited talk and text and 10GB data for three phones)

    I still may end up going with someone else (Comsumer Cellular) when my plan runs out; but not because of price; but the fact that it is non contract. It also uses AT&Ts network and any phone that was used on AT&T can be used with their service. All three of my family's phones are Nokia Lumia's locked to AT&T.

    My point is if you are with AT&T and have not gotten the NEW DEALS, call an complain, you might get a nice surprise. Good luck
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    03-13-2014 04:58 PM
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    I'm glad to hear that you got a better deal with AT&T. I've had AT&T since it was Cingular, and I haven't had issues.
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    03-14-2014 03:09 AM
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    I noticed that att only offers their shared data plans now but amazon and bestbuy still offers individual plans. For me, with one line, it's cheaper to do an individual plan. Will att still offer that to me if I buy in store?

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    03-15-2014 12:27 PM
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    In ATT's defense, I think all you needed to do was call and ask to be changed to a new plan. There's no need to complain about the bill. One just needs to look at the new plans, calculate the savings, and then call and switch plans. I don't think it's reasonable to expect that they will change your plan or pricing automatically. I'm not harshing on you--it's just my opinion. I made a call on day three of the change in 10gb mobile share pricing and they reduced my bill dramatically in about five minutes.
    03-15-2014 01:44 PM
  5. fdalbor's Avatar
    While what you say is true, just think if AT&T would have gone ahead and reduced qualified customers to the lower rates on their own how much of a courtly gesture that would have been. I think they would have taken some of the wind out of T-Mobiles sails. Like it is it just looks like a reaction to what T-Mobile has done. And by not automaticly lowering the rates, it looks more like a "catch me if you can" action; instead of a "Look how nice a carrier we are" action. But you are entitled to your opinion, everyone is. I think they just took a good move that could have been a big PR momentum builder and lessened it to a reactive action. And remember my bill went up not down.Just my opinion also.
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    03-15-2014 05:29 PM
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    I agree with you that it would have been nice if they worked it out that way. However, not everyone qualifies for every plan so the easiest way to handle it is to offer new plans and then let people ask to switch to new plans. I realize that if you have a three phone-10gb plan on mobile share and you sign up for a new three-phone 10gb plan that it is the same package but it is still a new plan with a new start date. Anyway, I'm glad you got your bill lowered. It pays to keep up on plan changes.
    03-15-2014 05:49 PM

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