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    So hears my story and why I think att is up to no good.
    I've been on att for many years and I have a lot of friends with them as well.
    Now I'm very consistent on how I use my phone and for what but I was always going over by 1 or 2 gigs when several friends and coworkers use there phone way more (streaming movies) then I do and never go over. Well I always just bitched and paid the bill. Well that 1-2 turned into 3-4 gigs and I start really watching my usage as well as my girlfriends, she's on her own account and lets her son watch Netflix all the time and has not once used more then 3gigs total in a month ever! Here I am blowing through 7 gigs and not doing much with my phone.

    So at the time I was on a 5gig plan. Now what started to make me wonder is one weekend im home and on WiFi and I started getting the data overage texts and emails, um ok im on WiFi hows this possible within an hour 3 text back to back. So I thought ok I have a data bleed, so I flash a different ROM (HTC one) and everything went back to normal, well the between 2-4 gig overage was still happening.

    This goes on consistently 2-4 over for a few more months till I decided I'll get the share plan, 10 gig, guess what first bill 2gigs over!!! WTF then at&t finally slips up I get my bill and its showing a different data usage then my account on line, still can't prove anything yet, so the next month im on point watching data, at&t slipped again, no more than 6 days into the cycle I get a text saying I used half of my data, so I check online and it says I only used 1gig, ok believable but what I check it an hour later and its at 5 gigs, humm ok time to call and this is why I think there skimming.

    I call att and tell them what's been going on, pretty much thought I was on crack and wanted prof (I think she thought I wasn't ready hahahaha) well I say I want a supervisor she puts me on hold, the supervisor gets on and we go through the whole deal over again, "well sir that's impossible because its automated and if this was real there would be lots of reports" he said I was the first with this kind of problem, I ask how often is the system updated he says every 12-24 hours (I confirmed this from multiple sources) so I tell him I need a fax number I have alot of stuff to show you, screen shots and emails. Now there is a case open and an investigation.

    Now with those 2 clues, 1) its totally automated 2)it updates daily one could speculate that it would be very easy to target a few random accounts say 10,000 or so at $15 a gig that's under the radar pure profits.
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    03-14-2014 12:55 PM
  2. DaT Franchise's Avatar
    Why do I think its a scam, well like I said I'm very consistent in my usage, 2-3 hours a day of music, maybe an hour a week of YouTube,100 email a month, web surfing and I'm on WiFi at home. Take that with all the time I was only using 5-7 now with nothing being different in my usage im using 12-17 yea ok. Now mind you I think the overages on my 5 gig plan were fabricated just because of all the data my friends use and im no where close to them. I've always thought something was up with my data but really didn't care $20 here n there in overage but now its $100 or more.
    If the system didn't glitch out and try to rape me in the first week of my cycle and/or sending conflicting emails and text I may not have picked up on it, ohh that's another thing, I would always get the overage alerts at or near the end of the billing cycle.
    03-14-2014 01:03 PM
  3. metalchick719's Avatar
    Yeah, you might want to seriously consider switching carriers. I've been on T-Mobile for 12 years and nothing like this has ever happened to me in all that time with them. AT&T is the last carrier I would go with.
    03-14-2014 01:35 PM
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    You mentioned that you have an HTC device. Does HTC have a setting to keep WiFi connected when the screen times out? Nokia devices running Black have that feature.

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    03-14-2014 01:51 PM
  5. DaT Franchise's Avatar
    Its not the phone as I'm using the 1520 now and still having this issue
    03-14-2014 01:56 PM
  6. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Its not the phone as I'm using the 1520 now and still having this issue
    Do you have your router set to use the same particular channel, or is it set to automatic?

    I use WPA2 personal security on my network. When I had the router set to automatic, my WiFi connection would drop if the channel changed. I changed my router channel setting from automatic to channel 10 (no neighbors using channel 10 on their routers). Since then I've never had my WiFi connection drop.
    03-14-2014 02:11 PM
  7. DaT Franchise's Avatar
    No no, it has nothing to do with that, today on WiFi I got 4 emails alerts from att in a little over an hour one say I'm at 9gigs 20 minutes later another saying I'm at 11 and 2 more saying I'm at 13gigs. It takes 20 hours of streaming HD video to use 10 gigs.
    03-14-2014 02:29 PM
  8. Nimdock's Avatar
    I am not saying they are scamming people but there seems to be something off about them.

    When I was with Sprint I never went above 1GB, actually most of the time not even close to 1GB.

    When I switched to AT&T I would regularly go over 2GB although I never went over my 3GB limit. At the time I just chalked it up to the excitement of having a new L920 and over using it.

    However recently I switched to AIO, my first month is up, I am using the same L920 and I am back to way below 1GB usage for my first month.

    04-08-2014 08:36 AM
  9. CallMeTalent's Avatar
    I am experiencing the same thing. My wife and I just switched to the family share plan, after having separate bills with AT&T for 10'years.
    Our first month, we went over on our 10Gb plan. In the previous 10 years, we have never used more than 6Gb of TOTAL data. But now we all a sudden use 12Gb of data? I have been on the phone with stupid tech support trying to get to the bottom of it. We are using data with our cellular data turned OFF. AT&T is up to no good with how they are calculating data/overages. If it isn't fixed this month, I am moving my personal and business services to another provider.
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    04-21-2014 11:04 PM
  10. BobLobIaw's Avatar
    I don't know if there is a scam, but I actually lowered my data plan because two of us couldn't come anywhere close to 10gb on mobile share even with streaming music whenever I could. I'd probably use more now that baseball season has started and I use At Bat. Bottom line is I've had the opposite experience--difficulty using up my gigs.
    04-21-2014 11:40 PM
  11. pezman726's Avatar
    Same deal with me...except I was on the 200MB plan!!! never went over, got new phones (switched from palm pixis to L920s) and suddenly we were using up all the data. Switched to t-mobile, and data usage is back down (even though now we have technically unlimited) Same usage pattern betwen phones and carriers. So why was I going over on at&t with the l920 and not the pixi...and now i'm back down to normal usage on t-mobile...My only guess could be something fishey at at&t. But i've already discussed that in detail in multiple other threads on this forum...and at&t's form!
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    04-30-2014 01:40 PM
  12. slbailey1's Avatar
    So much for me going to ATT when the Surface Mini comes out (if it has LTE)!

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    05-07-2014 07:49 PM

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