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    Hello any and all,

    Just thought I would post what worked for me after hours of trying to figure out this mms dilemma.

    So, just a brief background....my brand new lumia 635 which is an att go phone I purchased and then bought a Net10 sim card. Initial setup was fine and easy...basic texts, internet worked fine....then I started to realize that no picture messages go either be sent or received, thus the long battle trying to figure out why. Also, as others have noted, please save yourself hours of headache by NOT contacting Net10 service....they are useless.

    Anyway, here is what worked for me field by field for my lumia 635:
    Starting with "settings"
    Go to "cellular +sim"
    data connection "on"
    data roaming "on"
    for limited wifi connectivity "use cellular data"
    go to "sim settings"
    sim name...i made mine "My sim"
    cellular connection profile...only option given to me is "ATT"
    go to "edit internet apn"
    apn: "tfdata"
    user name: "NET10"
    password: leave blank
    authentication type: "PAP"
    proxy server (url): leave blank
    proxy port: leave blank
    go to "edit mms apn"
    apn: "tfdata"
    user name: "NET10"
    password: leave blank
    authentication type: "PAP"
    wap gateway (url): "mms3.tracfone dot com"....ok folks, obviously don't spell out the "dot" here...only way this forum would let me post
    wap gateway port: "80"
    mmsc (url): "http://mms-tf dot net/" .....same thing here....put what you would for the web
    mmsc port: "80"
    maximum mms size: leave blank
    IPtype: "IPv4"

    That's it.....I hope that is of some help
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    09-06-2014 11:24 AM
  2. shellshock905's Avatar
    Thanks! I registered here just to say thank you! I spent hours yesterday and today searching for APN settings. This worked for me!
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    10-19-2014 05:35 PM
  3. Joe Schwindenhammer's Avatar
    This didn't work on my Lumia 635, any newer settings?
    12-22-2014 11:19 PM
  4. Jennifer Powell1's Avatar
    Thank you so much for posting this! My mom has spent weeks and countless hours on the phone with walmart, net10, and at&t. No one could help, but this fixed it for her!
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    02-22-2015 05:34 PM
  5. svensktjej's Avatar
    Thank you so much! After many hours, I was finally able to get Net10 service to work on my Lumia 1520!
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    04-02-2015 09:48 AM
  6. Mark LaPointe's Avatar
    That's it finally someone who knows what they are talking about!
    05-02-2015 02:48 PM
  7. Mark LaPointe's Avatar
    I have the 635 make sure net10 is all capital.
    05-02-2015 02:49 PM
  8. Mark LaPointe's Avatar
    me too
    05-02-2015 02:50 PM
  9. dsk1540's Avatar
    Thanks for the post on getting the apn settings for your limia. After hours of looking i tried yours on my lumia 640 on net10 and it worked. I could kiss you!
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    03-29-2016 07:17 PM

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