1. onlysublime's Avatar
    Okay, I've noticed this for awhile. It doesn't seem like Verizon's LTE network is that fast. My web browsing has never been that fast. But I run the network test and numbers come back great (over 25 mbps).

    So the other day, I was connected to a friend's cell connection via hotspot. And my Icon was finally fast! Blazing fast while web browsing!

    Should I bring the phone back in to a Verizon shop? Are there settings I need to get configured with the network?
    11-28-2014 03:41 PM
  2. Fear the Cubans's Avatar
    There aren't any settings that could cause the speeds to be slower. You can try to go in to get a new SIM card to see if that helps.
    What phone was your friend using as a hotspot?
    11-30-2014 10:47 PM

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