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    Today, my Straight Talk SIMs arrived. By Christmas, the wife and I will be activated onto ST and will wave bye bye to T-MoUS.

    The underlying issue is coverage at her parents' house and lack of penetration at home.

    At home we could get the new signal booster, but that only solves one issue. At her parents' house we only get EDGE speed as roaming guests on the only tower around for miles. I know from past use that we will get at least H+ and maybe LTE with a Straight Talk AT&T compatible SIM. Our LTE and H+ coverage will expand exponentially, actually, as on several trips around the region it was spotty with T-Mo. Sometimes out on the highway we would see "G" light up on our phones. "G." That's sort of barbaric.

    I really like the way T-Mo does business. Customer support and friendly local stores was not lacking at all. We joined up just after Simple Choice was rolled out. It isn't a bad value and we certainly benefited greatly from the free data and texting when overseas feature.

    We'll save a couple of bucks and keep the option open to return.

    Thanks to all in the T-Mo Forum... It was nice chatting with you here.
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    12-11-2014 02:03 PM
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    Post how you like Straight Talk from time to time. I'm tempted to do the same thing.
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    12-11-2014 03:50 PM
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    Now on Straight Talk.

    OK... Ported two phone numbers over.

    The wife's phone was first. I had an unlock code from T-Mo and it went fine. Took the unlock. Number ported smoothly and was active inside 10 minutes. Did that online and established account log-in at that time. Manually configured APN and MMS in her Note II. Text, picture mail, data, voice... All working. The phone only showed 4G... After a reboot it lit up 4G LTE. - No problems.

    My phone was next. The number port took longer... Maybe 15 minutes and nothing. I rebooted, had network connection. Manually set up APN and MMS. MMS failed test. Tried again - no good. Searched THIS site. Found the answer. Configured MMS again and it works. Text, picture mail, data, voice... All good. Phone showed H and H+. Reboot and the 1520.3 lit up LTE.

    There is no visual voicemail with Straight Talk. I love my VVm. Signed up online with YouMail and got the Windows Phone App ISeeVM for YouMail. Even better than the VVm I had through T-MoUS. Very nice. Very customizable.

    I'm happy with the transition.

    Where we had 1 and 2 bars of service that wobbled in and out of LTE at home, we now have a solid LTE hold with 3 and 4 bars. Nice. We are also saving about $30 a month on two lines...
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