1. Cartman's Avatar
    ...at least for me. Have been an AT&T customer with the unlimited data plan for longer than I can remember. I would constantly run into the 5 GB limit and get throttled like crazy to the point where it was almost unusable.

    Having seen the news stories about the FCC basically telling AT&T they were not allowed to do that I would test it every time I went over to see if anything came from it...and to my surprise I am not being throttled this month!

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    04-23-2015 02:45 PM
  2. xandros9's Avatar
    I hope its not just speeding up the connection only for speedtest.net.

    but if its an actual change...

    Congrats! :)
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    04-23-2015 02:53 PM
  3. ashram's Avatar
    hmm, i only every clear 5GB when I leave town for large events, so, I have to wait until July to test it myself :(
    04-23-2015 03:34 PM
  4. Cartman's Avatar
    Well, its been confirmed by some news outlets now.... You heard it here first folks! :)
    05-08-2015 02:52 PM

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