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    Hi All,

    Been a long time member and am currently "in between" Windows phones as I am waiting for the actual WP10 release. That said, I stumbled into a Verizon store the other day and decided to take advantage of their $300 trade-in offer, which requires you to buy a new phone. Already having an iPhone 6 Plus in one pocket and a Galaxy S6 Edge in the other, I decided on the $192 Lumia 735 for fun. After all, they were going to pay me $300 to buy it :)

    Let me tell you this: it was NOT easy to walk out of the store with that phone. Two separate employees all but insulted me for choosing that phone. I had done my research, knew what I wanted and figured they would be delighted to deal with a customer who already knew what they wanted. When I told him I would buy the Lumia 735, he said "I don't recommend that phone." I had no interest in getting into a debate with him, so I told him "this will be temporary, I'm really just buying it for the trade-in offer and I like Windows phones." He again said it was a bad choice, then suggested I get the $168 Galaxy Prime or whatever (now THAT I can comfortably call a piece of junk). After more back and forth, he sold me their "last one" of the Lumia 735 begrudgingly.

    I don't understand. Why would it bother an employee so much to sell me a Windows phone? Is he worried I am going to come back in tomorrow, upset with my purchase? If so, they'll make $35 off my restocking fee. Anyway, I wish I could say at this point I walked out with my phone, but that would be too easy. After this, he wanted me to speak to his manager to "make sure I was completely satisfied." The manager came over, looked at the box, and said "you went with the Lumia? Can I ask why?" I told the manager "it was cheap, I need a phone, and it works" just trying to avoid the silly conversation all together and heading for the door. The manager replied "I understand, we all gotta do what we gotta do right?" This upset me and I decided the conversation was over. I walked out feeling like a second-class citizen and leaving socia-economics aside, I could have bought whatever the hell phone I wanted.

    Since I had no intention of using this phone on the line I bought it on, I had to call Verizon and activate it on a different line. In giving the representative the IMEI number, he said "Is this the Lumia 735?" I said yes, to which he replied "Man, I have to tell you, these are the most UNFRIENDLY phones I've ever used." UNFRIENDLY!? Has he ever used an Android phone?! I'm telling you, the Verizon hatred for Windows will never stop. I am surprised the CEO has not called me yet to ask why I didn't buy an iPhone. This is all just hilarious and while I apologize for the long-winded story, I thought it was appropriate to post it here. None of us are any strangers to the fact that carriers don't promote Windows phone, but Verizon has been the carrier always willing to carry them even as exclusives.

    Anyway, best wishes and truth be told, I freakin' love this little phone. I cannot think of any better value than this phone and I am going to use it!

    08-09-2015 11:18 AM
  2. theefman's Avatar
    Been going on for years now, nothing new and never going to change. But yet some still say Verizon is behind WP.....
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    08-09-2015 12:14 PM
  3. Galway 77's Avatar
    I got the same attitude yesterday when I went to T-Mobile to check out the 640..

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    08-09-2015 08:53 PM
  4. Angry_Mushroom's Avatar
    Gonna follow this thread. Please update us when CEO calls you to make sure you are actually, truly, and genuinely okay with a Lumia device. I heard those devices can be unfriendly, and sometimes give you the cold shoulder.

    Joking aside, sounds like you had a crap experience. Hopefully you can have some zingers lined up for your Win10 purchase.
    08-11-2015 03:35 AM

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