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    Hi all! Some back story - My wife and I are on windows phones, we were on contract with Verizion, but have been paying month to month for past few months in anticipation of major announcement from Microsoft. I've decided to skip on the 950/XL and hold out for next year when windows 10 mobile is solid and there's hopefully a newer device announcement such as a Surface Phone. She's decided to switch to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+.
    I don't want to go back into contract so I'm trying to think of the best options for her and have never bought unlocked or a phone in full - can someone help explain and see if I have this breakdown right?

    Option 1 24 Month Contract
    299.99 Device Payment Due now
    21.62 Taxes
    40 Upgrade Fee
    361.61 Total: One Time Charge Up Front

    $62.40 10gb Data Discounted for two lines.
    $80.00 2 Line Cost
    $(25.00) My Phone discount mo to mo
    $117.40 New Monthly Bill
    $92.40 Current Monthly Bill
    $25.00 Difference
    $600.00 Cost after 24 months
    $961.61 Total Cost

    Option 2 Retail Price Through Verizon
    $768.00 Verizion Retail Price
    $48.84 Taxes
    $816.84 Total after taxes

    Option 3 "Device Payments" Formerly Verizon Edge
    768 Verizon Mo to Mo qualified
    0 Taxes charged monthly
    0 Percent Interest
    768 Total

    Option 4 Ebay/Craigslist
    $625.00 Ebay Price
    $336.61 Savings From 24 Mo Contract
    $191.84 Savings From Verizon Retail
    $143.00 Savings from Mo to Mo

    Am I missing something?
    10-20-2015 03:40 PM
  2. Polychrome's Avatar
    If you stay off contract, you can keep your month to month discount. That's the main thing. So while you are paying full price for the phone, you make up for it with the cheaper plan. If you have the $25 per month discount and are happy with it, then device payments will bring you slightly over what you were paying when you were on contract.
    10-27-2015 09:38 PM
  3. eldreams's Avatar
    Thanks we opted for option 4. Still have our monthly discounts. Eventhough they were puzzled why I didn't select their device payment plan. I guess we could've and only paid ~168 extra in the end (overall), but decided the savings was worth it and didn't want to tangle our selves further into verizion with terms or something we're not familiar with.
    11-10-2015 04:45 PM

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