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    I recently learned something that I probably should have known already, (and most probably do too) for some reason it never clicked, but it made much sense of how some stores are definitely willing to work with you about windows phones and some only belittle your choice and seem to act as if you are breaking the world by not wanting the newest iPhone every 2 weeks or that I don't really care about the lack of a Snapchat app. Yes this thoroughly confused an employee so much recently that another had to step in and answer my questions bec he forgot how to speak when I told him I don't need Snapchat.
    It's no surprise that some T-Mobile store staffs are way more helpful than others and that there are always a ton of retail locations around, in my immediate area alone there are 5 within a 20 min area. I've even got one in my local mall and 1 in the malls' parking lot.
    I recently picked up the new Alcatel idol 4s. Now, knowing that not all the stores will carry the phone I called around to see who had it in stock. I eventually found it and had a simple time getting it, no one tried to talk me out of it or steer me in a different direction. It was a little busy in the store, it was black Friday weekend, so I had some time to kill while I was waiting and I ended up talking to the manager while I was waiting and he asked what it was about windows phones I liked, in my area I guess there's a small it very loyal following. The conversation eventually got to my issue that some stores are very helpful and some pretend you don't exist any more when you tell them you want windows and shut down all their reasons for not wanting to switch, and what he said next for some reason blew my mind. All the stores that are really truly helpful, to me at least, are the actual T-Mobile owned stores. The ones who are all jerks are the leased or authorized dealer locations. Those just pay for the use of being able to sell T-Mobile phones under the T-Mobile name but aren't actually owned by T-Mobile, the company.
    I know there's prob a lot of people who dont have as many choices about where they go to find a physical store but if you have had any bad experiences in store, I would recommend trying to find a factory store and not an authorized dealer store.
    That got really long sorry. But it really was a revelation about why some are really nice and helpful and others are awful.
    Tl;dr Authorized dealer stores tend to not care abt customer experience, but just want sales and owned stores will make more of an effort.
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    12-17-2016 10:44 AM

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