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    I'm looking to switch to EE fibre broadband sometime soon, I was wondering if any one here have had experiences (good or bad) with said ISP.

    The reasons I am switching are:

    a) I can get 76 Megabits download and 20 Megabits down for an additional £5 a month with EE (76 Meg package + anytimes calls). Currently get 11 Meg bit down and a paltry upload speed (from 13 down / 1.33 up @ £34 a month all in for standard broadband, phone and TV - at the time BT had same price offer for Fibre but Fibre was not enabled for my street). Despite the fact my line can actually handle 20 Megabits down and 2 Megabits Upload. I was able to get this speed for awhile with O2 broadband.

    Family use FreeSat so can live without TV (this year I have watched about 12 hours of TV in total, last year about 72 hours in the entire year - so hardly watch TV).But as the more users started to join O2 it went down to 18 but over the years it's being slowly down hill.

    Then of course Sky brought O2's home broadband department and it went further down hill, I remained as I had personal dealings with the hidden field escalations department from my property management days (so they got plenty of referals residential and domestic to individual reps) so I was able to leverage that experience to get issues seen to pretty quickly.

    But like with any ISP, continued loyalty is taken for granted and during one random call the CR removed the field escalations flag off my account and that was that. Plus I was having a ridiculous issue with the sky hub routers for standard broadband and as far I can tell the issue persists (it needs rebooting time to time as in a highly congested area it reduces available bandwidth and signal strength (lowest I've seen is it go down to 12 Mbps...)

    b) EE is the only ISP I have not had any personal experience with.

    c) I can get the 52 Meg package with BT but at £55 and given the issues I am having with my cabinet, I am not that keen on BT at present. BT installed a new Fibre cabinet a few months ago and it recently went live. Despite my street being investigated for a "new power supply" for several years to enable fibre (Fibre to the cabinet - FTTC).

    d) Sky fibre not an option as they do not allow you to use your own router http://www.sky.com/shop/__PDF/Sky_Broadband_Talk_UK.pdf - Clause 2(j).

    If you wish to use a modem or any other equipment that we have not supplied to you in order to access Sky Broadband we cannot guarantee that ADSL Sky Broadband will work with these. You must not use a modem or any other equipment that we have not supplied to you in order to access Sky Fibre Broadband.
    Even then it's £50 or so for the package I'm looking at.

    So there you have it, all the relevant background info and the current state of play.

    Update: Images added

    As you can see this how crazy my connection is:

    All these speed tests were down at the first at 00:38 AM 1st March 2017 than at 1 minute intervals.


    Done 9:55 AM 1st March 2017 at 2 minute intervals.


    Done 9:57 AM 1st March 2017

    Done 9:59 AM 1st March 2017


    Monday I had BT "refresh", the line and for a few hours it was all fine but as I started testing my equipment it transpired all was not .
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