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    A few weeks ago, I switched our family's 8 T-Mobile lines (me, a sister, my son, my father plus spouses) from an old family plan to the T-Mobile Military plan. Pretty good deal by the way; we are now paying $18.51 per line for unlimited everything.

    But the previous account was in my father's name because he won (or lost, depending on how you see it) the toss to own the account when we merged or separate T-Mobile accounts many years ago.

    Military plans require a veteran or military person to own the account.

    Knowing that opening a new account would create all sorts of opportunities for things to get messed up, I wasted a few days trying to get T-Mobile to just change the ownership of the family account from my father to me. No way to do it. And as an additional downside, not only would we have to move 8 lines, and reset everything about each of them, the new account would be just that: we would be considered new T-Mobile customers which was sort of a downer in that my father says there were numerous times in the past 17 years, including 1 last year, where he received special treatment as a long term T-Mobile customer.

    So, whole new account it would be.

    A few days ago, my father received a notice to return his T-Mobile Personal CellSpot router. I had forgotten I advised him to take advantage of T-Mobiles free offer for one years ago because he was using the cheapest Buffalo 150 speed N router at the time.

    Of course since then, his usage had expanded from just surfing and email and that old router wouldn't do the job anymore (assuming he could even find it).

    While dealing with this and finding him a new router (the lemons), I discovered the router T-Mobile wanted back was actually a rebranded ASUS RT-AC68U but with T-Mobile firmware. which lead me to discover T-Mobile had unloaded their stock of those, new and used, after they came up with a cheaper device to help customers with weak cell signal in their home (the router did that via wi-fi calling). The RT-AC68U was the top ASUS router not that long ago and is still no slouch. And whoever bought up T-Mobile's stock couldn't sell them for anywhere near the price of an AC68U because the T-Mobile branding scared or confused most buyers.

    I guess its too late to say "long story short" but I grabbed one of these, brand new for $60 and am re-flashing it to AC68U firmware. Well actually a fork of it that improves on the ASUS version.

    Some VERY good lemon-aid.
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    07-07-2018 01:07 PM
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    I didn't expect this ending at all! I'm glad that this chaos (from what it sounds like) ended up working out for you anyway.
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    07-08-2018 12:36 AM
  3. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Not a bad idea. Hope the rest goes just as well.
    07-09-2018 09:02 AM
  4. pkcable's Avatar
    I've been drinking the T-Mobile coolaid for several years now! Not military though, so I can't get that fantastic deal (I was too young for Vietnam, and then too old for Gulf War!). Couple more years and I CAN get 55+ lol
    07-09-2018 11:45 AM
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    Just a note for anyone thinking of getting one of these routers and flashing AC68U firmware. ASUS must be getting flack from people who spent ~4 times as much for the same hardware and have taken steps to "discourage" reflashing. ASUS modified the latest AC68U firmware to test for that and refuse to install; then they deleted all previous versions of the firmware that would allow it. Of course the old firmware is still out there, just not on ASUS' website. And there are other methods of installing. But don't buy one if you don't enjoy or think its worth jumping thru some hoops.

    ASUS definitely scared some people such as the ones who created a fork of the ASUS firmware (which is open source). ASUS told them it was illegal to install ASUS firmware on anything but an ASUS device and to cease and desist providing information about installing ASUS firmware on a non-ASUS device under threat of legal action. So all the information and discussions on that site disappeared overnight. Kind of surprised anyone could be convinced a router made by ASUS and labeled with giant letters as ASUS was not an ASUS router. ;)
    07-09-2018 01:04 PM

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