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    Executive Summary: I recommend sending it UPS rather than dropping it off at a T-Mobile store.


    To take advantage of T-Mobile's Military/Veteran plan, we had to move all 8 lines from our previous Family plan account because the veteran (me) was not the responsible person on that account.

    The old and the new plan are great, BTW! Can't beat $18.51 per line for unlimited everything. Technically its $20 per line but since it includes other benefits that save me money other ways (e.g. Netflix), it works out to $18.51 for each line.

    A side effect of a new account was that my father had to return the CellSpot router T-Mobile had "loaned" him years ago. The documentation at that time said he could keep it as long as he kept the line but that's another story.

    He received instructions in the mail for returning the router which gave the options of using a provided UPS shipping label OR dropping it off at a T-Mobile store. I pass a T-Mobile corporate store all the time so after I set up the new router he had to buy, I offered to drop it off and save him finding a box, packing it, etc..

    I called T-Mobile before leaving to confirm I could drop it off and they said yes but ask fro a receipt at the store.

    At the store there was a line and just one rep in sight. When he finished with a customer, he went out back and told another employee people were stacking up. Five minutes later, someone came out with a big scowl on their face and asked what I wanted. I told him I'm dropping off a router and needed a receipt. He told me I had to take it to UPS so I showed him the mailed instructions saying it could be dropped off here. Without saying anything he went in the back again and returned with a large cardboard box a few minutes later and told me to put the router in the box and take it to UPS.

    So I called T-Mobile to ask what to do since they had told me to get a receipt. They apologized for the store rep and said they would make a note in the old account saying the router had been dropped off. So I left with the router sitting on a counter with no real acknowledgement that they would do anything with it.

    So bottom line: if you need to return any variety of CellSpot UPS might be the best option. I figure the odds of a UPS store refusing to provide a receipt is pretty much zero.

    I don't know if I had ever been inside a T-Mobile store before. Been with T-Mobile since 2013 but purchased phones on-line or at a big-box store. Considering the outstanding phone and on-line support I've experienced over the years I was surprised at the glaring differences in the store. I hope it was just a rare bad apple.
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    I had a similar incident with Verizon FIOS. In order to get a better plan (and a rep told me about this) I had to cancel my plan and THEN start a new plan, which made me eligible for the best rates. So I knew I had to return my TV boxes, BUT since I was going to keep internet service (yea I cut the cord), I figured I could keep the cable modem. NOPE they had to mail me (yes you guess SAME exact model) a new one and they wanted me to mail back the old one, OR drop it off at a Verizon store. Ok so I choose to drop off, as I work REAL close to one. I get to the store they check my account and inform me, that I own this modem, BUT I have another one that they want (older model which THEIR techs replaced with the newer one, AND did not charge me). So I return the modem that I "owned" and got a receipt (THANK GOD!). Then they start hassling me for the older modem! After about 3 phone calls and getting escalated, I WAS able to work it out with them. ;)

    PS Thank you for your service!
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    Was not surprised that my father just received a bill for the returned cellspot router. I guess if I worked in a store that didn't actually forwarded returned cellspots to their final destination, I wouldn't give a receipt either.

    Off to get that cleared up. Shouldn't be too hard since T-Mobile support said they put a note in the account file that it had been returned to that particular store. Plus I have a picture of the store employee with the cellspot sitting in front of him on a table, if the note isn't enough. SMH
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    T-Mobile support resolved this by changing the amount due on his account to zero dollars. Hope that stops future mail and calls for payment.

    Took an extra day because once an account is closed (has no lines), support needs the password on the account to open it. While still active, they can open it with the last 4 digits of his SSN which I had always used in the past to discuss his account.
    08-10-2018 02:12 PM

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