1. cisco.leon's Avatar
    Recently moved from iPhone to WP7 - on a Samsung Focus.

    I can't seem to find decent headphones that at least replace my iPhone headphone functionality. Anyone that can help please send me a link to their product. I need the following from my wired headset:

    1. Single 3.5mm jack
    2. Clear microphone - no need to bring it to my mouth or shout
    3. Pick up and answer calls button
    4. Volume increase and decrease control for music and audio playback
    5. Pause and play control for audio playback
    6. Even length wires (can't stand the over the ear ones with different length wires)
    7. Simple buds - prefer the iPhone standard buds, can tolerate in-ear buds but no fancy over the ear or behind the head hook on ones.

    Please let me know if you know a headset like this for the Samsung Focus - I'm use to be on my iPhone headset all day - its been the one thing that seems small but is really ruining my WP7 experience.

    Please help!
    11-21-2011 03:05 PM
  2. selfcreation's Avatar
    sounds like you need Samsung FOCUS ear phones , lol

    mine do all of that?!.... actually like them mroe then the Iphone ear-phones :P

    your best bet is to go Into a cell phone store , Look at the option you have ( they can order 100 of ear-phones but never have more then 2-3 models in stock )
    11-21-2011 03:10 PM
  3. jmerrey's Avatar
    Are you talking about earbuds, in-ear buds, or full sized units?

    Here is my experience. With the original focus, the stock in-ear buds were actually very nice. Good sound, full functionality. I purchased a pair of full sized Dr Dre Beats, and they would do everything I needed, except change volume: pause/play/next track, call answer, etc worked well, and sounded good.

    With the focus s, the stock in-ear buds don't feel nearly as comfortable, and the controller is very buggy. It will sometimes pause the music, sometimes not. I can very occasionally get it to change tracks, but not too often. They sound awful. The beats headphones sound great with the focus s, but the track controller is again very sporadic. Hopefully this can be fixed in a software update in the future.
    11-21-2011 03:46 PM