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    I'm sure many of you have heard of the brand Incipio. If not, divert your attention here... iPhone Cases | iPad Cases | iPod Cases | BlackBerry Cases | MacBook Cases | Smartphone Cases | Zune Cases at Incipio and come back when you've figured it out ;)

    As with most case companies that has made a reputable name for itself, they've started their brand designing and making iPhone cases. Since the iPhone 4, I've noticed a lot of case manufactures beginning to test the waters with different phones. This works out in our favor as they have took good care into designing this case and it shows.

    Incipio NGP case for the Nokia Lumia 900:


    As is the case most of the time, I spend countless hours looking online and researching what cases look the best and function just as well. I am so anal retentive about how something looks and how it functions that I find myself spending more money on cases than I do the phone itself! Which, to be fair, isn't hard to do with this phone. Or sometimes I'll just get bored with how it looks and I'll move on to something new. This case has me really excited. I know, it's only a 15 dollar case on amazon right now (I think they may have bumped it up to 19), but this thing is really badass.


    First lets talk about the fit. As of right now, I just got this case less than half an hour ago. I will continue to update this thread with what I find in the future just fyi. The case fits perfectly. There isn't a loose or creaky part of the case at all, which makes sense being that it's a one piece TPU case. What really sets this one apart though is that this case looks almost as unibody as the phone itself. There are very very faint mold lines along the left and right side of the phone that are almost impossible to see. The cutouts are perfect, although be wary of certain headphones. If you have one that has a large plug base, you might be out of luck as it may not plug in. Also, the cutout for the micro usb plug is ever so slightly too small so it kind of pushes on it. Hopefully it loosens up soon, I don't like my micro usb plug to be pushed at all when it's plugged into my phones.


    Speaking of loosening up, the volume buttons are a biotch to push right now. They require enough force to push in that it requires your conscious attention. This seems to be the case for most TPU cases, so I expected this. As for the feel of the buttons, they match the phone's dimensions perfectly so there's no button being constantly mashed because the case doesn't fit right. Woohoo!


    The camera cut outs are perfect as well. They don't obstruct the wide angle lens at all. They also did something really ingenious...they separated the flash cut out so it wouldn't cause any glare to the camera. Really thoughtful engineering if you ask me... Well that's about it for now, Let me know if you have any questions about it. I'll keep this thread updated to let you know what I figure out! Thanks for your time. Sorry if the pics turn out wacky, I couldn't figure out how to embed through skydrive lol.
    04-18-2012 10:31 AM
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    I am happy to hear they have an Lumia 900 case as I was looking at them for my iPhone 4 a while ago and while I did I not purchase one of their cases they do seem to have a good reputation.
    04-28-2012 09:08 AM