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    For those who are interested, I ordered and took delivery of an accessory bundle from Amazon.

    CrazyOnDigital Cases with Charger and Screen Protector For AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 (17-item)
    by CrazyOnDigital

    They sent me a black bag chock full of goodies. What they advertise in Amazon is what you get.

    I have not used the ear buds, etc yet :D

    The screen protectors, well, they have an iPhone thingy design on the packaging, so I was a little suspicous. I haven't used the screen protectors as i find that they make the phone look tacky afterwards.

    The horizontal phone case is pretty nice. Nothing fancy, it looks neat and the Lumia 900 fits in there like a glove.

    I put a blue skin case on...well...make sure you don't need a reason to take if off in a hurry becuase it really fits snug and well. The camera and flash are not obscured and the volume buttons, while covered, still respond well to touch. the only thing which will take some getting used to, is the power and camera button. the skin is designed that it is raised around them and they feel a little recessed. so there is no accidently pushing of power/camera buttons here. they are well protected as well.

    I am impressed with the skins. There is a blue, purple, black and white, all with simple patterns and they look nice.

    So if any are thinking of getting this bundle, I would say that it is worth it.
    05-12-2012 02:50 PM