1. josepmanel1983's Avatar
    Hey guys! I thought I wasn't gonna use any case with my 8S; however, I dropped my Mozart yesterday and if it wasn't for the TPU Gel case, I might have even broken the screen! Does anyone know of any gel cases for our future 8S's?

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    10-21-2012 04:03 AM
  2. Winterfang's Avatar
    Probably but not for sale yet. Variety depends on the device's popularity though, so the first wave might be ugly stuff.
    10-27-2012 09:28 PM
  3. lbleij's Avatar
    This case is very nice, altough a bit expensive: 45€.
    Noreve Tradition Leather Case HTC 8S - Telefoonshop.nl
    It'll come, eventually, the cheap ones.
    12-09-2012 01:05 PM