1. architxt's Avatar
    No doubt that there is an app out there for this.

    What I'd like to do, though, is connect my Lumia 620 wirelessly (or in a dock) to a portable radio so that I can hear internet radio through better speakers.

    The radio needs to be one of those DAB ones and less than AUD / USD $100.

    Any suggestions much appreciated.

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    09-08-2013 09:30 PM
  2. mase123987's Avatar
    Is DAB like HD radio? The same or similar concept?
    09-08-2013 09:54 PM
  3. architxt's Avatar
    Yep, DAB is high quality digital radio.

    Some DAB radios have internet radio too, but they tend to be pricey.
    09-08-2013 10:22 PM
  4. mase123987's Avatar
    I don't know where you live but in the US, HD radio never really caught on. Because of this, there aren't many options, and they tend to be priced higher than they should be. Are you really looking for a DAB radio with bluetooth to stream from your phone to it?
    09-08-2013 10:27 PM
  5. mase123987's Avatar
    I know you wanted portable but this is all I could find - Goodmans GCR1888DABBT Vienna Bluetooth DAB Clock Radio: Amazon.co.uk: TV

    It is roughly $85
    09-08-2013 10:38 PM
  6. architxt's Avatar
    This Goodmans one looks good - it's portable enough :)

    Not sure I can find it here in Australia.

    I guess the key here is that it has Bluetooth and, if it has, it should be able to connect to a WP8 device?
    09-08-2013 11:38 PM
  7. mase123987's Avatar
    It should at least connect and play. Any more functionality is going to be a crap shoot. I would think they would ship to Australia...for a price.
    09-08-2013 11:43 PM

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