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    My wife wants a headset for her NOkia 830 that allows her to be listening to high quality music, video or podcasts but when a phone call or Skype session comes in, she hits a button on her headset somewhere, it picks up the call, and she can talk quietly in a public place without anyone else hearing what she is saying. I'm assuming there would be a microphone someone on the headset cable. (It doesn't have to be wireless but i'm open to options).

    She also wants to be able to use this device to record HQ audio dictation (for a podcast) or HQ video using the camera on the phone, OR if she plugs it into her laptop/desktop, she can record audio on it. Thus it would have a microphone.

    I know i'm rambling a bit, but does anyone know what i'm talking about.

    11-13-2014 04:33 PM

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