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    Have an original Nokia 900 charging pad which seems to be the only one I have tried which does the job properly: Charges it up then keeps it on trickle charge (I have just used a watch display box and some black sticky tape to convert this into a charging stand but that is bye the bye). This is for use in the living room by my armchair.

    I have another charging stand but that seems to get to full charge then make an annoying tinkle, go off full charge, start charging again till full then tinkle again .... repeat ad naseum which is not what I wanted from something that I wanted to used by the bed on the nightstand.

    So I got another charger which is combined with a useful Bluetooth speaker and an even more useful large display clock that I can read from the bed without reaching for my glasses. But this reaches full charges then stops but does not start charging again meaning that by morning the phone is not fully charged as it should be. You need to take it off and replace it to get it to start charging again to top it off but not enough time for that as I use the phone to catch up with overnight email etc while having my waking cup of coffee.

    Have I just been unlucky with these latter two? Are there any third party chargers that work as the 900 does? I am thinking my best bet is to get another 900 and make another stand with a watch display box (as I keep my phone in a flip case I am not sure the lip of the Nokia stand is deep enough to be secure).
    01-11-2015 12:21 PM
  2. gomezz's Avatar
    Decided to move the modded DT-900 upstairs to be my bedside overnight charger and use the second charger mentioned above in the living room.
    01-11-2015 05:30 PM

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