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    Hey all. I've decided to write a review of the power bank i bought recently. What i must point out is that this was the cheapest power bank with QI standard and specified 10.000mA i could find online. I paid only about 26 with free shipping if i remember well. Out of stock now...

    Everything works the way it should, wireless charging is awesome. I never expected it to be that fast. It took me 2h50m to fill from 0 to 100%, which is only 20 minutes longer than on original cable charger. The build quality seems very good too, i don't like the cheap gold bumper, but i can't complain for the price. As for the battery itself... we all know specs on power banks normally lie for about 20%, and on some online shops there is also given an actuall mA number, next to the specified one. But with this one, instead of listed 10.000mA, i actually charge my L930 twice (even via provided cable). That is 2x 2420mA.

    As you can see on the pictures the bank also has 2 USB ports, 1A and 2,1A. It is capable of charging 2 devices at the same time, one wirelesly and one by cable. For once, the white cable provided turned out good quality, but it's short, which i like for the usage.

    The power bank charges with a micro USB charger, and has LED indicators going up untill it is fully charged. Even more, it makes a beep sound when it detects a QI enabled device, and the bottom red LED turns to green. I love that. It requires 1A charger, but i noticed that a bit late, because my original 1,5A Nokia charger stopped charging it and got too hot. Now i'm using the old nokia charger with 1,2A, and it does the job in 15 hours Still i have no idea why it takes this long for 5000mA, unless the power bank was half dead when i got it and actually was 10.000mA.

    Conclusion: I'm very happy with this device, good for the price, good quality, i'm just not happy with 5000mA and the size of it. It's too big for 5000, but for 10000 i'd be pleased :) Thanks for reading. If you have any questions just ask :D Take care everyone
    01-28-2015 05:22 PM

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