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    Hi guys,

    today I bought bluetooth keyboard compatible with lot of devices for like $15, its name is Awireless Wireless Keyboard, it's obviously Chinese product ("Glod" instead of Gold on the box, etc.), but it looks pretty solid for its price.

    It pairs and works well with my Lumia 830 (except shortcuts, they do not correspond to icons on keyboard), but when I switch off my keyboard and turn on bluetooth on my phone, software keyboard disappears. The phone is probably thinking "OK, there is paired keyboard, so there is no need to show the software one". Same goes for my iOS / Android compatible remote shutter, which basically acts as one key keyboard. It causes software keyboard to disappear.

    Solution is to delete keyboard from paired devices, but it's not convenient to delete it after every use. Anyone had same issue and solved it somehow?
    01-15-2016 04:36 PM

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