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    I've been trying to figure out a solution to a problem I'm surprised not to see more mention of: I'd like to find small, easily-stowable Bluetooth earbuds that also do well with voice calls. I'm currently using these Basstyle earbuds and I'm very happy with the comfort and music quality. But I can't make voice calls without people complaining they can't hear me well.
    The problem that I see is that Bluetooth headsets with decent-quality mics are all the one-ear variety. This would be annoying for listening to music. I could carry a headset and earbuds, but Windows 10 mobile doesn't make switching between Bluetooth devices on the same profile that easy. It seems like you can't set defaults - you have to turn off the first device before connecting the second.

    Has anyone found Bluetooth earbuds with a good-quality mic, preferably one that's positioned near the mouth? I'm not looking for over-the-ears headphones; those are too bulky for my purposes. Or any other suggestions?
    11-30-2016 10:12 PM
  2. Albatross2's Avatar
    12-01-2016 10:13 AM
  3. MBY's Avatar
    Thanks. What I'm curious about is that the mic seems like the same type on most earbuds, like the Basstyle. I think the combination of mic quality, placement, and Bluetooth connection winds up with poor call quality for the person on the other end. Not sure if there's any way around those limitations with something that's meant for music.
    12-01-2016 10:49 AM
  4. Albatross2's Avatar
    I agree that most designs favor one or the other of music or phone calls. This one isn't perfect for the phone, but I don't get complaints on this one like I did my last one:
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    12-01-2016 04:08 PM

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