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    What I like in a jacket, the Pack-It from SCOTTeVEST delivers and then some.

    I really like a nice shell. I don't want a lining in it, I know how to layer my clothes. But a great shell needs to shed the wind and rain and look great doing it. It should be lightweight and breathable to boot. The Pack-It ticks all those boxes.

    I mean, classic cut design:


    Lots of color options (black, cobalt, graphite, navy, olive, red and rust) to suit your style. And it's unlined so you can wear it in a summer downpour or add layers under it to meet your colder weather needs. Not too long or too short, this jacket is just the right length. The hood is sized right too. You can still get a ball cap under it, but it doesn't feel like you are wearing a tent over your head and the drawstring stays put thanks to the locking sliders they added. The zipper goes all the way to your chin and it has a little stand up color when fully zipped. You can snug yourself in and keep the elements out. The wind and rain just slough right off this shell. It's soft and comfortable to wear.

    In short. it's a very versatile garment to have on hand for inclement weather. It packs neatly and compactly into its own pocket so you can toss it into your luggage or your car and take it on the road with ease.

    But that's not what I'm here to talk about.

    This baby can haul all the stuff you need out in the field. Seriously, it's almost like a magic trick when you see all the stuff that you can pull out of the more than generous amount of pockets in the Pack-It Jacket.

    Ever go out and about on a photo shoot expedition? Ever travel on a plane or train and need a lot of stuff on hand? Ever play tourist and think I should have brought my __________ with me?

    Sure you have. And usually you pack a small bag of some sort that you have to schlep around, lift it up, set it down, keep your eye on it, make sure it doesn't get in the way, dig through it looking for that one item...

    That's where the Pack-It Jacket shines. Ditch the bag and just wear the jacket.

    Here's a look at the magic of the Pack-It and all it can hold.

    Pack-It Jacket - Video Dailymotion

    For day trips and excursions this thing is a sanity saver. Pack it with your gear and some snacks: go hiking, stroll around a new town seeing the sights, take your photo gear and get that great shot... The Pack-It has you covered in more ways than one. No more fumbling with a bag. Roam unencumbered and still take your stuff with you. It really does feel like some sort of magic trick.

    Obviously, the more you put into it the heavier it will get. That's unavoidable. But with practice you can learn how to pack things in correctly. The weight hangs well and your movements are still pretty normal. Distribute the load and it really isn't as bad as lugging a bag that cuts into your shoulder or as inconvenient as a small backpack you have to take off every time you want an item and then put back on so you can continue your travels. All your stuff is right there and easy to reach. Plus, it will keep you and your stuff dry.

    Who needs this?
    • Busy people that need a lot of gadgets on hand
    • Hikers
    • Travelers / Sight Seers
    • Photography Enthusiasts
    • Students
    • Lots of people

    I am very impressed with the Pack-It Jacket just as a shell: it's quality constructed and suits my needs/wants perfectly, just on jacket functionality alone. Add in (literally) all the cargo room and you just can't go wrong having the Pack-It on hand to help you when needed, either for weather or for taking your stuff along for the adventure.

    Check out the Pack-It and all the other highly versatile garments over at SCOTTeVEST.
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    Had to go through a heck of a downpour today. So glad I had the Pack-It with me. A quality shell makes a world of difference.

    05-19-2017 05:19 PM
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    I suppose this is better than the Ziplock bag I keep in my pocket.

    Thanks for another great review, @RumoredNow!
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    05-20-2017 06:42 PM
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    i so need this.. thanks for the info
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    06-21-2017 06:30 AM
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    @RumoredNow, great review, nice Shell:)

    Question: do you have a link, or the name, of the first Phone Bracket (the larger one) in your video?

    I have the second bracket you showed in your video, but it is a little tight for the 950XL; the first one looks to open wider.

    Thank you.
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    06-21-2017 07:42 AM
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    Question: do you have a link, or the name, of the first Phone Bracket (the larger one) in your video?
    Good eye. After a ton of research I found the Ztylus mounting bracket to be one of the most generously sized on the market. It fit my 1520 in a hard shell case quite easily and the 1520 is 0.27 inches wider than the 950 XL.

    I ordered the mount along with the pistol grip (try it, wonderful for freehand video shooting). They also have a different style grip, a mini tripod, a ball head mount and a mini dolly... All grips and the ball head will mount on any standard 1/4 x 20 tripod

    Here they are on Amazon.

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    06-21-2017 09:37 AM
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    @RumoredNow, Thank you...will order soon:)
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    06-21-2017 10:06 AM

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