11-02-2014 06:16 PM
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  1. kayb27's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure other notifications are 'muted' by the band during sleep mode, but does anyone know if it'll alert you for pre-existing alarms or do you have to set up a new alarm from the band?
    10-31-2014 03:48 PM
  2. crelim's Avatar
    Is there a way to limit email based on whether you are working out or not? I have 3 different email accounts on my phone, plus work. When I'm working out I would only need to see email from VIP list (my boss (and their boss) and my wife/kid. Everything else can wait till after my workout. All other times, I wouldn't want to limit. Seems down the road supporting some type of group controls would be good.
    On android I have in the past set filters on what notifications (based on email accounts and senders) are pushed to the notification center. TO the best of my knowledge, most notification-wrist-devices and such depend on the phone's OS to tell it what a notification is. On my iOS, I pretty much have binary control, its either in notification center (and consequently on my band) or not while on Android the OS (well, rooted) allows any degree of control.

    Short answer: I am yet to come across a setting where notifications are further filtered via the smartwatch/band's phone app.
    10-31-2014 03:54 PM
  3. MikeSo's Avatar
    One thing you can do is go to outlook.com and set up rules for folders for different emails. When an email is automatically directed to a folder other than Inbox it will not show up as a notification in Windows Phone. EDIT: It could also be about which folders are synced, I guess. I just know that for me only the Inbox ones show as notifications, but I don't have the others synced. Either way, might be a workaround.
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    10-31-2014 05:56 PM
  4. bananacake's Avatar
    For indoor cycling I have been just selecting the workout tile "the one that says, yoga, weights whatever your workout" and use that to log my HR. If you want outdoor cycling, I would use it in the run mode for now since the data it collects would still be very similar (GPS track + HR) and on top you can export the data (via connected apps). You can then re-import that data to your favorite cycling pp like TrainingPeaks.
    Is the band or app able to collect data from bluetooth sensors?

    (I assume that ANT+ is probably not possible at all - but maybe on in the future on compatible phones?)
    11-01-2014 01:05 AM
  5. HelloLudger's Avatar
    has it a "smart sleep" mode/alarm? So the alarm goes off up to x min earlier if I'm in a light sleeping phase?
    11-01-2014 06:01 AM
  6. Xsled's Avatar
    Is anyone else having data issues with the app today? My walking and calories both have data on the band, but show zero on the home page in the app. If I click on, there is data but it is limited. I tried reinstalling the app but nothing changed.
    11-02-2014 06:16 PM
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