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    i can't yet speak to the accuracy of the heart monitor, but i've done some testing on how consistent the readings are vs. how tightly or loosely i wear the band, and i've got to say that so far the band is consistent. i was a little worried this morning, because i got the large and i have to tighten a click or two from fully tightened to get what _looks_ like a good "seal" between my wrist and the monitor. i was thinking maybe i should exchange for a medium so i have a more usable adjustment range. that's when i thought i should test how consistently the monitor reads at varying degrees of looseness or tightness. so far i've decided to keep the large, because the monitor seems consistent across several degree of tightness/looseness. i can where it a two or three clicks looser than i thought i'd be able to (looser, but not bracelet loose) and the monitor seems to read as well as when i tighten it up. i'm really impressed with that. we'll see what happens with more strenuous workouts.

    lastly, why is noting consistency important? it's kind of like home blood pressure monitors. they're no good unless you get them calibrated. if the band is good for consistent readings, then even if it's inaccurate it might be consistently inaccurate...meaning you can "calibrate" it by say 5 bpm, for example. if you know it's consistently slow or fast by X number of beats, then you can adjust for that. of course, i'm hoping it turns out to be completely accurate. i'll learn more after a couple of intense workouts this weekend.
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    10-31-2014 10:25 AM
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    DUDE! lol thanks :) This is actually very useful and I hope you continue to update this thread
    10-31-2014 11:27 AM

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