1. sdrexler11791's Avatar
    Besides the step and calorie tallying issues everyone is seeing today to be fixed, the health app needs the following:
    1. Way to go back and look at heart rate points during the day and maybe some period summary.
    2. Removed. It's in activity history.
    3. Removed. It's in activity history.
    4. Integration with MSN health and fitness
    5. Integration with MS HealthVault.
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    11-02-2014 09:53 AM
  2. TheZuneLune's Avatar
    There is a way to se past activity and sleep history:
    1. From the Health App home screen, select the left menu. (Three horizontal lines in top left corner)
    2. Select Activity History.


    Health Vault integration is coming, per Microsoft.
    11-02-2014 06:18 PM
  3. sdrexler11791's Avatar
    Found them this morning. They are all under activity history from the menu upper left corner.
    11-03-2014 04:07 AM
  4. syonker1's Avatar
    Would personally love to see Endomondo integration.
    Weight watchers goes without saying to sate a lot of folks.
    If there was Amway to get iFit online populated from the band it would kill.
    Water reminder.
    Can the optical sensor monitor O2 in the blood?

    Pre-established route directions would be nice (Samsung has this on their bands through Google maps).
    Voice recognition to alternate platforms might or might not be nice.
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    11-03-2014 05:28 AM
  5. Richard Servello's Avatar
    A couple things I would like to see.

    Night mode: Turn off clock mode at a certain time so its not on while you sleep.

    Autosleep mode: Auto start sleep tracking when you go to sleep. It's always tracking heartbeat...shouldn't be tough to implement.

    Activate heart rate monitoring based on other sensor activity. If you are sitting doing nothing there is no reason to monitor...but when you start moving it should start actually monitoring accurately, then go back to infrequent sampling after you are sedentary again.

    Custom guided workouts are a MUST! I would love to be able to put in my workout plan. And the ability to save as many workouts on your phone as you want.

    Music controls: Obviously onscreen controls, but how about smart playlists based on activity intensity.

    Voice reply to text or email. Right now you have to use Cortana to respond to texts by using the full command, text my wife [messsage], send. There should be a voice reply button, and it should be available in the txt app, not just at preview.

    Walking directions to the band screen! Seems like an obvious one.

    This is a great device with a lot of potential.
    11-03-2014 07:28 AM
  6. TheZuneLune's Avatar
    I can't believe they haven't found a way to partner with Weight Watchers. This should be a very high priority as they have an incredibly large user base and the Band, Health app, and Cortana are perfect fits with WW.
    03-23-2016 12:19 AM

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