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    For anyone who was curious on what the Band can do by itself vs require a smartphone present. Here are categories of use grouped by if you need to use the smart phone for it to work. I certainly could be overlooking something so others feel free to chime in.

    Out of box/no connection needed:
    - heart rate
    - steps
    - run with gps and laps
    - alarm - on the device
    - timer
    - stopwatch
    - uv reading
    - sleep quality measurement

    One time setup:
    - fitness routine - Download the fitness routine of your choice and then you are done
    - starbucks

    Periodic (most of these just let you see the last/next few entries):
    - calendar entries with reminders - You can sync with your phone then disconnect and it will still give you the calendar reminder.
    - call log
    - email
    - weather
    - notifications
    - twitter
    - facebook
    - finance
    - alarm - Using phone alarms. If you dismiss it on the band then it dismisses it on the phone.
    - Storing your fitness data into Microsoft Health

    Requires connection:
    - voice commands
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