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    NT. (tried to delete thread i am going to assume my gps issue is due to the first time trying to locate GPS since I activated the watch).
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    I went for a run this weekend and it locked on within 2 minutes (or less) and it was the first time I had used the GPS. It seemed to track well and I had plenty if battery for the rest of the day. Odd.
    11-04-2014 03:40 PM
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    So went out for a simple 4 mile run here in the cloudy NW home of microsoft. On one wrist my 2+ year old motoactv gps/mp3 watch and the band on the other. GPS watch locked in easily ready for the run....the band was searching and searching.....ok time to start. Only after being well over a mile in the run did the band lock in. I stood in place for several minutes because i know its easier to get a reading but had to finally start the run cause i could not wait.

    The other pieces of the fail were once the band did lock the GPS in performance was pretty good but the pace was really jumping all over the place. It was as if the GPS was performing like the HR monitor and checking in every so often for a true accurate reading (even though this was going on i dont think it affected an accurate reading overall just not good for accuracy while running).
    Last piece was i had at least 1/2 battery showing and it did not even last the 30 minutes of my run. I think the GPS searching killed the pattery for that first 9 minutes into my run. The only other thing that could have been a battery killer was my phone was in my pocket so GPS/Bluetooth were on at the same time?
    One noticeable thing is the battery died on the run, and said it needed to plug in. Once i got home and plugged it in i noticed it was still tracking the run, but only was able to end it once i got it a charge. And once the GPS was locked it appears best lap/distance etc all matched up with my watch.

    Anyone else poor GPS performance issue specifically locking in the run under some clouds?

    I found that if you try to activate the GPS in an environment that you are not open to the sky above the unit seems to spend a lot of time searching for the GPS (even if you immediately go outside after activating it). The constant searching seems to have a marked impact on battery life. If you activate the GPS when you are open to the sky, the Band finds the satellites fairly quickly and thus saves more battery life. Where you initiate the GPS seems to have a big impact on battery life... at least from my experience.
    11-04-2014 03:53 PM
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