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    I did a quick 5k today (by my standards) and used the Band and also had Strava app running just to see the comparison. I had Strava pause when I stopped because sometimes I just dont catch the light and I have to stop. Curious if anyone knows if the band pauses your run or you have to do it manually by hitting the wake button and tapping the "pause"

    I didn't have my Polar H7 HRM strap with me as it's sent back to them for warranty service so I can't compare HR but I'm sure everyone's seen the comparison so no need to getting into that debate LOL

    Digging this thing still, oh and after my run. I usually have a couple liters of water to rinse myself off and I didn't take the band off while I was doing this. I wear the band face down and the face got wet as well as the underside and it was fine. I didn't dunk it of course but just did things like I normally did and it's fine so far.
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    11-04-2014 03:12 PM

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