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    I owned a Nike Fuelband approx. 2 years before it broke, and was pleasantly surprised to see the MS Band came out right before daylight savings as I have been planning on starting to work out again this week. After a few days with the MS Band I wanted to share my impressions when compared to Fuelband.

    Pros of Fuelband:
    Battery life:
    7-10 days or longer.
    Simplicity: It tracked my activity and told me the time. Only one button to press on the device.
    Styling: A stylish black band that flashed lights when I pressed the button for time / activity
    Fuel Points: What is a fuelpoint? Just a made up way by Nike to track activity. I came to rely on fuelpoints as a baseline of how active I was throughout the day. If I worked out in the morning and walked the dogs 4 miles in a day I'd break 3000 points as I live an otherwise sedentary lifestyle (desk job). It can still track calories and steps, but I gauged my daily activity by fuel points.

    Pros of MS Band:
    Heart Rate Monitor: I never had one before. A feature I like to check on throughout the day.
    Full Picture Of Fitness & Activity: More data is at my finger tips with the MS Band, and with it being able to integrate with Health Vault (not sure if this is live yet), it seems like it will be very useful.
    Functionality: Text / Calendar, etc. alerts. Checking Weather, Sleep Mode, Vibration Reminders.
    MyFitness Pal Integration!: I start a workout on the band, do my activity, afterwards I end the activity on my Band, and it uploads my calories burned to MyFitnessPal *yay!*
    Scalability: MS wants other companies to develop for it. Lots of potential.
    Platform Availability: My Fuelband was IOS only. Band is available for all major OS'.

    Cons of Fuelband:
    IOS Only: I didnt have an iphone so I had to plug in to upload my data to the fuelband site.
    Website Integration: Sometimes I'd be missing days from the fuelband site when I'd go to look up my stats.
    Basic: Also a pro (see simplicity above), depending on what you're looking for.

    Cons of MS Band:
    Scratches Easy:
    I don't like the fact it needs a screen protector. I botched putting my on as many others apparently did.
    Battery Life: I'm not sure I'm going to get the advertised 48 hours based on my use. Even with 48 hours, it's still an added thing to have to keep track of.
    Accuracy?: This is make or break for me with the MS Band. I need more time to evaluate and educate myself, but I am feeling that it is over stating my calories burned today of my first full day of tracking with it. I walked my dogs 3.5 miles so far today and would typically mark it as 350 calories going by MyFitnessPals' tracking, while the MS Band says that 3.5 miles is 720 calories burned. That is double. My average heart rate is marked at 120 BPM which seems high for walking 3 miles per hour on average.

    My verdict so far: I really liked my Fuelband for the simplicity as a fitness tracker. I embraced the fuelpoint measurement and kept things simple, but I am also really embracing all the new features that are available in my MS Band. The vibration reminders. I can read text messages on my band while my phone is in the other room, and tracking my heart rate.

    It's an extra step for me to start/stop a workout to get the info uploaded into MyFitnessPal, but that is also one less step for having to manually measure it by inputting it on the website.

    I really like the MS Band, and as long as I find the measurements accurate for calories burned I will enjoy what is has to offer.

    TLDR version:
    Fuelband for those who want a simple way to track activity.
    ​MS Band for those who want more.
    11-04-2014 05:05 PM

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