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    Sorry if this question is answered somewhere else but at least at the moment I'm unclear about this.
    I'm wondering if the band is able to determine your jump height, your acceleration and/or other similar sport related stats.

    And while I'm thinking about it, does someone know other products which allow you to see those stats?
    The adidas miCoach x-cell seems to allow to measure jump height, I still have to try this to see how this works.
    I would be interested in all kinds of (jump-related) stats like the Power you push off, the rotation you're doing in the air (this one is probably not possible through an armband), the air-time, the height... Just to name some things I have in my mind right now ;-)

    I'd also love to see the velocity and incline of a slop for Skiing or Snowboarding in the winter, but I guess that's already possible with the Microsoft Bands?

    ​Thanks a lot in advance for any thoughts you might have on that matter.
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