1. BWilson80's Avatar
    Absolutely love the band! However, I am curious how I get right around the same calorie burn stats on both the band display AND in the app (for the day by day history) on a day when I do no workouts vs. a day when I might burn anywhere from 550-800 calories doing a workout. That doesn't make much sense...
    My understanding is that the calorie burn displayed in the app and on the band is supposed to encompass both the regular calorie burn + calorie burn from any exercise or run tracking you might do, but it doesn't seem to do this. I have the same daily routine, but on days I workout, I expect my calorie burn to be WAY higher than on days I don't workout, especially since my daily routine is always the same.
    As an example, with the same daily routine (minus a workout) on a day I don't work out, it says I burned 2660 calories; yet the day before I worked out and burned 793 calories, and the band and app show 2673 calories burned (again, no change in my daily pattern). Another test show 2643 calories burned with no workout, and the day before it shows 2664 calories burned with a 700 calorie workout.

    Anyone else experiencing this?

    I called Band support, and they weren't able to give any real answer...
    11-07-2014 10:22 AM
  2. dbregman's Avatar
    Can you let us know which OS you are using? On Android I see the workout included in the total calorie burn. See the example of today:


    The total calorie burn includes the bump from the workout. Having said that, I still believe (as I have stated on other threads) that the active calorie calculation is high and the "normal" calorie calculation is low.
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    11-07-2014 01:15 PM
  3. BWilson80's Avatar
    Windows Phone, but the same is displayed on the band itself. The graph definitely shows the increase, but the overall numbers in the app and on the band don't reflect any difference between a sedentary/non-workout day and a day when I do a hard workout. Historically on other fitness bands I've owned, my sedentary burn levels are typically between 2450-2650, and with a typical workout I'd burn anywhere from 3100-3500 (depending on how many calories I burned in a workout), but there has always been a DEFINITE difference. But on the band (and in the app) I'll have say 2650 calories burned on a day with no workout, and then like 2660 calories burned on a day with a hard workout. Just seems to me that a day when I burn 700 calories in exercise mode in a day vs. a day when I don't do any workouts/use exercise mode would/should not result to anywhere close to the same calorie burn level.
    The funny part is, my wife, who is quite a bit lighter than me, shows a higher calorie burn on her band when she hasn't been working out or doing much than me on my hard workout days! And yea, the profiles are set up properly :)
    11-07-2014 02:00 PM
  4. dbregman's Avatar
    Ahh - so this goes to my observation that the band underestimates non-workout activity and overestimates workout activity. While I do see an overall 'bump' in my workout day - I think the non-workout days are low as my Basil Resting Burn is around 1,800 and the band shows a total of 2,153.
    11-07-2014 02:23 PM
  5. BWilson80's Avatar
    I don't think its actually underestimating or overestimating; it just doesn't seem to bring the numbers together correctly. I typically average about 80 calories burned per hour when doing nothing on my other fitness watches, and its about the same on this one....and the same can be said for the workouts too; I would usually burn 500-800 during a workout (depending on how intense I go) and I see the same with the band.
    But there's absolutely no way that the burn rate for a workout day would be the same as a sedentary day; it just can't happen, even if you were to go catatonic or fall into a coma after the workout and just lay there on the floor, your numbers should still be higher for a workout day.
    11-07-2014 03:08 PM
  6. dbregman's Avatar
    Here is my week:

    Weekend - active (tennis - 5k on Sunday)
    Monday Rest Day
    Tuesday - Weights only
    Wednesday - Cardio
    Thursday - Weights only
    Today - Cardio (only 3pm here)

    11-07-2014 04:55 PM
  7. Upstate Dunadan's Avatar
    Did you use have Exercise Tracking on all the days you worked out (cardio or weights)? I think only the daily burns that show in light blue include tracked workouts. I had got my band Tuesday, and had 2 resting days in a row so didn't get into the gym until yesterday and today. Tuesday and Wednesday burns show in purple, and yesterday and today (with workout activity of 505 and 895) show light blue burn bars. Those bars are much higher than past 2 days. For the record, I'm using an Android device to sync my band.
    11-07-2014 07:08 PM
  8. dbregman's Avatar
    Yes I has the training mode turned on. The color difference is if I hit my goal or not :)
    11-07-2014 09:06 PM
  9. BWilson80's Avatar
    Ah now this gets even better...when I went to bed last night (put it into sleep mode), my calorie burn was in the high 2400s (lets say 2475 or so), now when syncing the band this morning, it says my calorie burn for yesterday was 2325 calores (and that is WITH doing a 611 calorie burn workout yesterday).
    Something's rotten in Denmark here...all the sudden its now reporting less than the band does :|
    11-08-2014 07:37 AM
  10. BWilson80's Avatar
    Ok I think I got this figured out, and am creating a new post on it. Its not that its not cumulative, its that the health app is storing the wrong numbers in history!
    11-10-2014 06:44 AM

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