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    Hi guys, I got my MB on th release day and since day one I've been having some problems with Cortana integration, wonder if you guys have the same problems.

    1. Cortana sometimes doesn't connect with phone. Right after I say something to Cortana, it says that it cant reach my phone, even tho i just asked her something a sec ago and it worked.

    2. When i say something to Cortana, most of the times it recognizes my voice, but sometimes the voice bar doesn't stop when i stop saying something( it takes like 10 sec for the bar to finish listening). Thats kinda annoying especially when I'm driving.

    3. Doesn't recognizes the first word i say. It happens maybe 20% of the time l, when i say something to Cortana, it gets the rest of the sentence except the first word.

    Idk if you guys have the same problem, but I hope that Microsoft releases an update soon to fix these small bugs.
    Btw I'm using a 1520 running on DP
    11-18-2014 12:39 PM

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