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    I wanted to write up my thoughts after a weeks full use, I live in the UK and have been in the States for the past week I managed to pickup three Medium Bands from the Columbus Circle store one for me and two others for friends (Ive seen them going for 280 on eBay which is madness considering its converts to around 125, Although it was around 139 each for me due to NY tax).
    Anyway I have been around Fitness trackers for a while a long time Fitbit Flex user however after 8 months of use I started developing a rash on my wrist and put this down to perspiration I contacted Fitbit (who are the BEST company I have ever had to deal with) They replaced the Flex with a One (I was able to choose) this has suited my exercise needs much better as I cycle as my main means of exercise but the lack of Heart Rate (HR) and also the was it is worn wasn't ideal.

    Anyway I researched for weeks prior to my US trip whether the Band or Basis Peak be my choice and Im very happy to say I am very pleased with the Band, I managed to collect it on Day 1 and used it for the remainder of my trip which I also took the Fitbit One with me, Both reporting very similiar numbers on steps walked and total distance for the week, Fitbit: 58.6 miles walked and MS Band 58.4.
    I havent had the opportunity to do full GPS tracking but will later today and I have been pleasantly pleased with battery life and this was one of my major concern the Fitbit One easily lasts a week sometimes two and this is great for me, But the added features of the Band justify the battery drain Ive seen a good two days from the Band as a pedometer/step tracker (this was with Watch mode off, Bluetooth On, Sleep Tracked and Daily Heart rate) I dont doubt the GPS will impact this but I only run once a day and have the ability to charge outside this time as I carry around a battery bank.

    Another point I was to bring up in Microsoft Health, Which if like me you wondered how to install heres help if you are outside the US:-

    Android: The easiest way is to Go to Apps and allow unknown sources then download the app onto the device (either Google Microsoft Health .apk or try this link) Then click on the download on the phone and voila!

    Windows Phone: Select Settings, Region Change to US reboot download and install change back to your country and reboot and Voila!!

    Anyway the app.. I was again surprised at remember for a V1 release it carries alot of features other didn't in their infancy, I come from the Fitbit app a very polished and fine tuned app and I have to say I have been overall very happy IT WILL get better and I hope this such as deep sleep, stress levels, increases in daily heart rate do get highlighted but so far Im happy.
    Onto my final point, Im a big fan of Android and always have been but I have to say the integration for Cortana had me tempted and I like this is the only differentiator is this that MS has enabled a cross platform app.
    And so... I yesterday ordered a Lumia 930 and I have to say Im happy with Windows 8.1 Mobile so far I haven't used the OS since Mobile 7 and Cortana is simply great.

    Sorry if there is any typos, or grammar mistakes Im on my way out!
    Any questions please ask and I`ll add more as I go along
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    12-02-2014 10:25 AM
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    Nice to see another UK band owner with a 930 like myself. Love the 930 as a long time IOS user, the Band is cool too - can't wait to see how it's developed!
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    12-03-2014 10:09 AM
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    Nice to see another UK band owner with a 930 like myself. Love the 930 as a long time IOS user, the Band is cool too - can't wait to see how it's developed!
    Really enjoying the Lumia 930, Dis-appointed with the amount of apps available within the Store but not enough to move back onto Android immediately.
    As for the Band still very happy and managed to do some good testing, I rode 35 mile on the Mountain Bike
    What I was impressed was the battery was at 100% before and afterward was around 40-60% (I did actually carry the cable and a power bank if needed and was happy to say it wasnt) I do however occasionally ride for 6-8 hours and I will see how this bares up.
    Hear rate results seem about right but I dont have the ability to test against something else

    The GPS data I can however compare and I am overall very impressed and honestly surprised at how well the GPS performed and collected data overall.
    My MIO Cyclo 505 GPS collected the overall distance as 34.9 Miles with moving time of 3 Hours 20 minutes.
    Moving onto Elevation the maximum the Band recorded was 411ft and the Cyclo reports 416ft, Outputting the elevation data from the Cyclo shows the same as the Band (I will look to add each into one image as a overlay)

    As do enlarge a section of the GPX data from the Cyclo and a screenshot from the Band on a particularly heavy wooded area.
    Hard to provide a in-depth overlay for this as I dont believe the GPX can be extracted from the band (Or if it can I dont know how) CYCLO data is in RED
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    12-11-2014 09:51 AM
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    I got home today from a parcel from Shapeways that happened to be my Microsoft Band Stand (Since ordering they now offer colour options mine is Black)

    Microsoft Band Charging Stand by hodginsa on Shapeways

    I have to say its a very nice stand, Any ideal for me as I can have this on bed side table and stick it on charge when I get a shower.
    Picture here:-

    More pictures here - https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resi...hint=folder%2c

    Well worth the $15 I had it shipped to the UK and cost 18/$28

    Im just on the lookout for another USB cable at the Microsoft store doesnt ship to UK
    12-11-2014 02:13 PM

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