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    I had an interesting experience.

    After the update my HR monitor LEDs would stay on after I took off the band and my battery would tank, would last about 3 hours and run dry. When I first got the update I think the LEDs worked correctly but I really can't be sure.

    I remember seeing a thread here where this guy was complaining about the LEDs staying on while charging and my Band was doing the same thing.

    I did a reset up to the point where I saw the two opposing arrows (held both buttons for 10 seconds) and I then updated the firmware from my PC.

    Now all those issues are gone.

    I find it interesting about the LEDs. Now the LEDs definitely go out go out when I remove the Band and my battery lasts as long as it did before the update. The LEDS also do not turn on during charging.

    The only thing that worries me is if it will happen again.

    I have to wonder how many problems this can fix.

    I forgot to add that the buzzing when you start a charge is now gone. It also does not buzz when you remove it from the charger.
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