1. JDH58's Avatar
    OK, so it appears that now that MSFT updated the band and apps that they also changed the dll that unband was pointing to. So as a result, I cannot get unband to load.

    The updates MSFT did are helpful but I liked being able to download all the data that was happening with unband. Exporting out of Health or HealthVault does not include everything that UnBand was able to pull.

    I like having my data locally to play with in SQL for building some reports, especially since I'm also pulling data from Withings scale & BP monitor & MFP (although MFP data leaves a lot to be desired also compared to what reporting they have.)
    02-24-2015 02:55 PM
  2. Muessig's Avatar
    Your best bet is to contact the maker of Unband: https://github.com/nachmore
    02-25-2015 03:57 PM
  3. kwickone's Avatar
    I can also confirm that unBand is crashing after the update.
    02-25-2015 06:25 PM

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