1. imsqueakafied's Avatar
    Hey, so after we 'sprung forward' an hour, my band didn't change. I have synced it multiple times, turned it off and on, but it wont stay on the right time. (it'll correct, and then change back) I finally just changed the time manually. Anyone one else have this issue? Or know any fixes?
    03-10-2015 04:56 AM
  2. Likwidz's Avatar
    Mine changed correctly on Sunday, but yesterday went back to wrong time. I got a new WP yesterday so had to reset the Band to default settings to repair, now it is working fine. Might try factory reset.
    03-10-2015 09:41 AM
  3. toledospod's Avatar
    Mine has been acting weird too since the time change. I used to have a Windows Phone, but I don't have one at the moment, so I'm syncing mine to my PC and also to an iPhone. While most of the functions work well being synced with the iPhone, I noticed that when I connect my Band to my PC to charge and also let it sync with the Microsoft Band PC app, it sets the clock on the Band back one hour (even though the clock on the time on the PC is right). When I disconnect it from the charging/sync cable and open the Microsoft Health app on the iPhone, it syncs the time on the Band back to the right time. Not a huge deal for me, but a bit odd nonetheless.
    03-10-2015 06:49 PM
  4. DroidUser42's Avatar
    I live in a non-DST zone. I was distressed Sunday to see my Band had advanced an hour. Until I realize my phone had advanced an hour. (Gee, thanks, Verizon/Motorola.) Once the phone was reset, the Band went back to the right time. No problems since.

    Hmmmm: maybe I should look at my sleep stats for that night.
    03-10-2015 08:38 PM

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