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    I have the Lumia 830 and have Driving Mode automatically turn on when syncing over Bluetooth with my car stereo. Driving Mode automatically turns off when I shut off car. Have been using this since November and have never had any issues. I have recently purchase the Microsoft Band and when driving both the Band and the car stereo are synced with my Lumia 830 over Bluetooth.

    Driving mode will automatically activate when the car syncs with phone but the issue occurs when I shut of the car. Driving Mode stays on, the little car icon is still there. The only way I can get it to shut off is by clicking into Driving Mode in Settings. As soon as I click into it it shuts off.

    I am assuming that because the phone still sees that "something" is still synced with the phone over Bluetooth it is confused and stays on.

    I did Microsoft Chat and they had never heard of this and suggested I tried reinstalling Microsoft Health and if that did not work un-sync and re-sync the Microsoft Band. I really don't see how doing either one of these will help.

    Is anybody else having this problem?
    Does anybody have a solution?

    Thank you
    03-31-2015 09:41 AM
  2. WhiteNiteLite's Avatar
    This is a known bug in Windows Phone that has been there for close to a year now yet Microsoft still hasn't fixed it yet. It happens when any additional Bluetooth device is paired, such as a Treasure Tag or fitness tracker. The easiest workaround is to pin the Driving Mode tile to your start screen and tap it when you're done driving, or to just turn off Driving Mode completely.

    Hopefully they fix this someday. Until then, I'm sorry that there's not much else that can be done right now.
    03-31-2015 10:07 AM
  3. jayman713's Avatar
    Thank you!
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    03-31-2015 10:12 AM
  4. TruPlaya187's Avatar
    I thought that within Driver mode, you could select specifically which Bluetooth should work with Driver mode.

    I've checked and in the settings of Driver Mode, you can add or remove devices that can automatically start Driving mode when they connect.

    Maybe check in there to see if the Microsoft Band is listed and if so, you can remove it.

    Please try and let us know. I will get my Band next week and I will try it myself.
    03-31-2015 11:10 AM
  5. jayman713's Avatar
    The only entry that has " Ready for driving mode" under it is Alpine CD Receiver, all other units that link to my phone over Bluetooth that are on the list do not have that. Including the Microsoft Band.
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    03-31-2015 12:01 PM
  6. TruPlaya187's Avatar
    Alright thanks for verifying!
    03-31-2015 01:23 PM

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