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    My MS band refused to connect to my phone via Bluetooth or my surface pro 3 via usb. It will connect for a second and then drop off

    I tried looking for support on the UK website but none exists. When I called MS store support the person had never even heard of a Microsoft band!!! I had to point out to him that he was a fantastic advert for apple before he transferred me over to someone in India who did.

    It originally suggested resetting the band but once you do that you have to reregister it, which is impossible if it wont connect to the apps.


    I have managed to fix the Bluetooth connection after resetting it again and it will synchronise data. And although it will charge via the USB it will not connect to Microsoft Health. However I have been informed that because it is cloud based the information will still be accessible on my SP3 pro, even if it wont sync or update. The updates are quite small so can be done over the phone connection.

    I have uninstalled the MS Health app in case that was the issue but after reinstalling it was the same

    I did try it on my old pc too but it wont sync there either. I was assured that because the band is charging then the cable is fine, but the problem is a mystery as other usb devices connect fine to the SP3 so it isn't the usb port either.

    It has taken almost 4 hours to get an answer from Microsoft, but it is now working ..... of sorts. I'll give it a week to see if the issue resolves itself and then consider if it is a bug I can live with or ask for a replacement.
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    04-23-2015 03:32 AM
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    So you missed your train because your gadget didn't work and blame Microsoft for your sick day. hilarious
    04-23-2015 05:10 AM
  3. raydwatts's Avatar
    it was trying to get it to work and then getting frustrated/stressed. I have brain damage after a stroke so cannot control my emotions when stressed. But I now have a day off to relax. 4 hours to talk to someone is a joke, especially when the 1st person you talk to hasn't even heard of your device.
    04-23-2015 05:17 AM

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