1. WharncliffeOwl's Avatar
    I received my band just over a week ago and so far I'm loving it.
    The day it arrived I only got the chance to unbox and have a play late into the evening and of course the band recorded a relatively small amount of steps for that first day. Ideally for the sake of my data I would like to delete these steps and have the band analyze my efforts from the next day - the first full day of ownership.
    I cannot find a way of deleting or clearing these steps. Am I missing something or is it not possible?
    04-24-2015 06:04 AM
  2. WharncliffeOwl's Avatar
    Been told it isn't possible without resetting everything from the start. Not a problem in the great scheme of things.
    04-24-2015 07:53 AM
  3. anthonyng's Avatar
    yea don't worry about it... after weeks and months of data, that first day is a blip in history
    04-24-2015 03:37 PM

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