1. DrFix82's Avatar
    since I updated my android device to Liollipop I keep getting my band vibrating for notifying me: "Syncing your data with the cloud".

    Well..... since this is a MS Helath notification, is there a way to disable it??
    Under notification center apps I cannot fin anything to disable it...

    07-01-2015 11:20 AM
  2. bockersjv's Avatar
    Is it a health notification? Does not sound like it, don't get that on WP. It sounds more like an Android system notification being picked up by the band notifications.
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    07-02-2015 05:46 AM
  3. gadgetrants's Avatar
    I used to get this a lot too (HTC One M7) but at some point it went away -- before the Lollipop update in my case, I think. I remember tinkering with the Notification Center Apps too. Perhaps you can temporarily deselect all apps and then selectively turn some on one by one to find the culprit?

    Another option -- I doubt this is it -- is that Lollipop includes new app-by-app controls over notifications. For me it's in Settings -> Sound & notifications -> (Way down at the bottom) App notifications. The problem of course is that if you turned off MS Health notifications...well, that's not what you want!

    By the way, I used to get two REALLY annoying vibration/notifications on the Band: (1) wifi network found (it's a stupid HTC/Verizon thing that you can't turn off) and (2) a keyboard selection notification (every time I opened a text box on my phone!). Do you get any notifications like those on the Band as well? It would suspect it's a phone system-level issue (though oddly I have Android's Settings turned on in the MS Health Notification Center).

    07-02-2015 09:13 AM
  4. DrFix82's Avatar
    Yes, the same here. I disabled all the keyboards for not having notifications about it every time I opend a textbox..
    I also disabled google maps from notification center or I get all the coordinates he manages every second on my band (really! even if they're not shown in notification bar at all)...
    07-02-2015 11:10 AM

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